Noga Erez – KIDS

Noga Erez returns with a clever, nuanced second album

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 22 Mar 2021
  • Noga Erez - KIDS
Album title: KIDS
Artist: Noga Erez
Label: City Slang
Release date: 26 Mar

'I’ve been deeply depressed.' Those are the first lyrics we hear on Noga Erez’s second album, KIDS. It follows a ten-second long intro, KTD, and is a bold opening gambit for an album that sounds anything but depressed.

KIDS steers far away from the industrial production and heavily political lyrics heard on the Tel Aviv-hailing artist’s 2017 debut, Off the Radar, and instead into much grander territory. CIPI could almost be a show tune if it didn’t feature lyrics like 'but most of the time you’re my bitch', and NO news on TV has all the stylings of an early 2000s girlband chart hit.

If the album’s lead single End of the Road is the most similar sonically to Erez’s earlier work, then Fire Kites is perhaps the most similar lyrically. In a similar fashion to her breakout single Dance While You Shoot, on Fire Kites Erez uses a simple, yet powerful image to highlight the normality of war for those living through it.

Erez’s songwriting is clever, nuanced and often packed with wit. On KIDS she shows how far she's come in crafting her sound in just a few short years.

Listen to: NO news on TV, Fire Kites