Nodzzz - Nodzzz

Album Review by Chris Cusack | 03 Aug 2009
  • Nodzzz - Nodzzz
Album title: Nodzzz
Artist: Nodzzz
Label: What's Your Rupture Records
Release date: 24 Aug

For some, music is a very serious subject. Just ask your average self-harming, old-school Nine Inch Nails fan or the straight-edge guys that tossed coffee on Ian Mackaye. Not so for Nodzzz. Comparisons with Pavement abound in the media. Certainly they share a similar belief in music as an excuse to have fun, not churn through the depths of humanity's folly. It's something of a flattering reference from thereon in however. Nodzzz are not blessed with the brilliant, subtle wit of Stephen Malkmus, nor the outstanding hooks of his cult band. Nodzzz's is a more flippant, throwaway sound. Despite the reliance on guitar, this will almost certainly appeal to fans of quirky synth-pop, if only thanks to the carefree attitude permeating both. There's also something very 60s garage about the unfussy production and the fact that the longest track, In The City, clocks an epic 2 mins 15. Forgettable but fun indie pop.