Nitkowski - Chauffers

Album Review by Joe Barton | 27 Aug 2009
Album title: Chauffeurs
Artist: Nitkowski
Label: Function
Release date: 7 Sep

With a little pruning, this could so easily have been something brilliant. Of course, given the manic energy of these 11 tracks, you may feel that self-editing would be missing the point of Chaffeurs. As it is, there’s plenty of bewildering work on display here, from the asymmetrical thrashing of Needs, to the worryingly Korn-like The Beverage Report.

Like giving Ritalin to a disruptive child, dull musique concrète moments like Mutha Terracist detract from the energy level of the album, which is shame, as this is an album that doesn’t need dynamic balance. That said, Rev Kid Perv Rap is as excellent as its name would suggest, building from a spidery guitar riff into a tangled mess of jazz chords, before getting proper mental towards the end. It’s like a David Shrigley cartoon; simultaneously funny, childlike, grotesque and sometimes fairly terrifying.