Nick Waterhouse – Time's All Gone

Album Review by Sam Wiseman | 01 May 2012
  • Nick Waterhouse - Time's All Gone
Album title: Time's All Gone
Artist: Nick Waterhouse
Label: Innovative Leisure
Release date: 14 May

Although only 25, San Francisco’s Nick Waterhouse excavates the roots of American popular music with an unnervingly obsessive attention to detail. In contrast to Mark Ronson, whose production adds a contemporary sheen to the sounds of 50s and 60s Detroit and New Orleans, Waterhouse insists upon using only vintage amps and recording equipment. Time's All Gone, as a result, has an uncanny graininess, as though the funk-inflected guitars, saxophone and organ really were being transmitted from another era.

For Waterhouse, this disorientingly atemporal quality is to be welcomed: “a record is a moment in time,” he states, “and something recorded in 1955 is the same as something recorded in 2010”. Sonically, yes; but Time's All Gone cannot, as a result, be easily comprehended within its contemporary cultural context. Yet the catchiness of the riffs here, combined with Waterhouse’s instinctive ability to blur the boundaries between soul, R&B and funk, suggests that may be an advantage.