Nevermen – Nevermen

Album Review by Dave Kerr | 26 Jan 2016
Album title: Nevermen
Artist: Nevermen
Label: Lex
Release date: 29 Jan

Some eight years since they first teased the possibility, maverick Anticon co-founder Doseone (‘mind’), TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe (‘heart’) and ever-prolific Ipecac co-honcho Mike Patton (‘body’) emerge from the kitchen with Nevermen’s first serving.

“Don’t rush the fuckin’ music," they warned. Now to reward your patience; presented as a rule-discarding labour of love for the trio, the results are a timeless, genre-smashing work with a psychedelic soul. Inevitably, fans of any constituent member will find vivid snatches of past guises strewn across the debut's ten tracks, but the collective whole works toward something more, determined to dart off into the unknown at every labyrinthine lyrical turn.

With a complementary range and at times uncanny similarity between them, the three voices often intertwine and harmonise in ecstatic union, from Tough Towns’ roaring crescendo and the rapid fire gang chorus that underpins At Your Service to Mr Mistake’s choral calm. A refined supertrio for the ages.


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