Neon Waltz – Strange Hymns

The long-awaited debut from Neon Waltz is a solid collection that should see their star continue to rise

Album Review by Eala MacAlister | 15 Aug 2017
  • Neon Waltz – Strange Hymns
Album title: Strange Hymns
Artist: Neon Waltz
Label: Ignition
Release date: 18 Aug

The debut from John O’Groats six-piece Neon Waltz has been widely anticipated and is well worth the wait. Strange Hymns bursts into life with Sundial and doesn’t slow down until You & Me midway through the album. The band know their way around a hook and Dreamers is proof of this with its singalong chorus already a firm favourite in the band's live repertoire.

Although it’s clear Neon Waltz were taking notes while listening to the likes of the Coral, the album is brilliantly fresh and original which shows the band have great confidence in themselves even at this early stage. Dreamy pop which manages to avoid going fuzzy at the edges features heavily and Jordan Shearer’s vocals drift along on seas of jangly guitars on songs like Veiled Clock. Dreamers and Perfect Frame both have the same way of being brought to a climax and dropping back down again. It’s compact at just ten songs, many of which will be familiar to those who heard the band’s First Light EP, but this gives each song space to breathe.

It’s a solid debut full of climaxes and hooks that will allow Neon Waltz’s star to keep rising and win them plenty of new fans. Strange Hymns will also satisfy existing fans who may be disappointed only by the fact that the majority of songs have been previously released.

Listen to: Perfect Frame, Dreamers