Mutoid Man – Bleeder

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 24 Jun 2015
Album title: Bleeder
Artist: Mutoid Man
Label: Sargent House
Release date: 29 June

There’s a real dizzying effect when Bleeder first roars out of your speakers; a cyclone of gargantuan riffs and wailing solos that threaten to submerge you in chaos, with little to steady the nerves. Sift through Mutoid Man’s full-length debut, however, and gold emerges from the rubble. Bridgeburner, for instance, is southern boogie caked in pulverising heaviosity, leaping from riff to riff with heroic abandon, while Soft Spot In My Skull questions how King Crimson might have turned out with a little advance exposure to Reign In Blood (‘kinda mighty’ is the answer).

Conceived as an excuse for Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Converge’s Ben Koller to indulge in their wildest metal excesses, there’s a frazzled joy to be found in Mutoid Man’s ‘throw everything at the wall’ schtick – a surfeit of ideas that dazzle before quickly going supernova. Essentially, Bleeder is brutally smart, and pretty damn thrilling with it. [Will Fitzpatrick]