Mugstar – Magnetic Seasons

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 25 Feb 2016
Album title: Magnetic Seasons
Artist: Mugstar
Label: Rock Action Records
Release date: 4 Mar

Heavyweight psychedelic Liverpudlians Mugstar return with a record that takes tripped-out space rock to its disorienting maximum. Exclusively instrumental (aside from a brilliantly chosen spoken word intro to the album's final track), Magnetic Seasons pushes on and on, manhandling you into a spin-cycle of rattling acid wash.

The four-piece, working with Rock Action Records (founded by Mogwai, a haven to the likes of Blanck Mass and Part Chimp) are hardened pros at dictating pace. Opening track Unearth carries a weighty, bluesy body and builds to a hefty, meaty pinnacle, offset by the sci-fi exploration exquisitely provided by Flemish Weave and Time Machine. There are moments of truly glamorous rock'n'roll thrown in, too; La Vallee and Regency Blues are slow-burns with confident, heavy footprints. Better still is Sky West & Crooked – a thumbed, twinkling breath of repetitive, comforting respite.

Remember that childhood game where you'd cross hands with a pal and spin until someone falls over and smacks their head on the pavement? Magnetic Seasons feels like that; guaranteed to leave you cross-eyed.

Playing Islington Mill, Salford on 3 Mar