Moonface and Siinai – My Best Human Face

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 26 May 2016
  • Moonface and Siinai – My Best Human Face
Album title: My Best Human Face
Artist: Moonface and Siinai
Label: Jagjaguwar
Release date: 3 Jun

It’s all go in Camp Krug at the minute. First there was Wolf Parade’s unexpected return, with a flurry of gigs added to the calendar and an EP of new material to boot. Now another of Spencer Krug’s many musical alliances is resurrected in the form of My Best Human Face; a second full-length collaboration with Finnish act Siinai that quickly reaffirms the partnership’s potency.

Though Siinai are given equal billing this time out (Moonface and..., not Moonface with... as on predecessor Heartbreaking Bravery), Krug still seems to hold creative sway, most transparently when heard corralling his bandmates into a revved-up rerecording of City Wrecker (from his 2014 solo EP of the same name).

That said, the impact of songs like The Nightclub Artiste owe as much to their sweeping instrumentation as to Krug’s typically resonant lyrics and vulnerable vocals, making this a two-way artistic exchange in which everyone wins, musicians and listeners alike. Right, now who do we speak to about a new Sunset Rubdown LP?