Miya Folick – Premonitions

Miya Folick's debut album shapeshifts through various genres and moods without ever losing momentum

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 26 Oct 2018
  • Miya Folick – Premonitions
Album title: Premonitions
Artist: Miya Folick
Label: Terrible Records / Polydor
Release date: 26 Oct

After a recent head-turning performance on Joy Stops Time, the incredible finale to Fucked Up's latest opus, Dose Your Dreams, and a handful of EP and single releases, LA's Miya Folick is just about ready to explode as indie-pop's shiny new thing. Given her incredibly versatile voice, plus a knack for writing incredibly catchy tunes, it's not exactly difficult to see why she has dazzled so many in such a short space of time. Her debut full-length album, Premonitions, comes with much anticipation.

Thankfully Premonitions is, generally speaking, a success in impressive terms. The ten tracks collected here are an excellent slice of brilliantly composed pop masterclasses, and only further add credence to the idea that Folick is indeed the real deal. Right from the word go with opener Thingamajig, there is a confidence and assuredness here that unearths a real talent in Folick, whose deceptively simple album shapeshifts through various genres and moods without ever losing momentum.

For instance, the near enough pop-punk banger Freak Out is a super-charged rocker – and wouldn't feel out of place soundtracking an old Sonic the Hedgehog game – while Deadbody, which follows, is a dramatic downbeat tearjerker which loses none of the previous track's momentum. Elsewhere, Leave the Party feels welcomingly similar to St. Vincent's Masseduction, existing in a similarly sultry and sexy mood while lyrically deconstructing the idea of "the performer". Singles Stop Talking and Cost Your Love, meanwhile, have the potential to be Lorde-equal world beaters. 

Listen to: Freak Out, Deadbody, Leave the Party