Mitchy Slick - 'Mitchy Duz It'

probably works better in South Central than southern Scotland

Album Review by Caroline Hurley | 17 Mar 2006
  • 'Mitchy Duz It'
Album title: 'Mitchy Duz It'
Artist: Mitchy Slick
Label: Tha Wrong Kind Records
Mitchy Slick's first album release opens with fairground music and a booming voice, Mitchy as some sort of ringmaster in a circus of hustlers and hoes, but the nonsense doesn't stop there. Obvious samples, dismal 'interludes' and beats that could be Tesco Value hip hop are not enhanced by tedious lyrics about "low-riders" and a "rep to protect". Presumably designed to pump from a car stereo as one cruises at three miles an hour puffing a blunt the size of a sausage, this probably works better in South Central than southern Scotland. This introduces Mitchy as a below average purveyor of the sort of mind-numbingly misogynistic drivel that most of us thought we'd left behind in the mid-nineties. If you've been pining for pimpin', spending long evenings gazing at a Menace II Society poster and sniffling quietly into a bandana, then this could be for you, otherwise, dinnae bother. [Caroline Hurley]