Miss Black America - Terminal

lacks the quality to make you stick with it for more than a listen or two

Album Review by Dave Reid | 15 Jul 2006
Album title: Terminal
Artist: Miss Black America
Label: Ruby Slipper
Miss Black America are trying to win us over with hearts-on-their-sleeves power rock. It's all about attitude and belief. They've launched their career on the back of incessant touring and now hope to make a splash with their debut record 'Terminal' on Ruby Slipper Records. Unfortunately, this album is very much middle of the road. There's nothing particularly arresting here aside from one or two memorable melodies and a couple of crunchy guitar riffs that provide a certain level of engagement. There has clearly been some careful thought put into the production and there is a nice blend of heavier numbers with a few more contemplative songs. A reasonable debut but it may well be lacking the quality required to make you stick with it. [Dave Reid]
Terminal' is out now. http://www.myspace.com/missblackamerica