Mimes Of Wine - Apocalypse Sets In

Album Review by Joe Barton | 31 Aug 2009
Album title: Apocalypse Sets In
Artist: Mimes of Wine
Label: Midfinger
Release date: 7 Sep

It figures that these songs were written in winter. You can just imagine the claustrophobic scene; freezing cold fingers tinkling across a piano, so cold that the double bass gets used as firewood. And if that doesn’t make Apocalypse Sets In sound like a scene from The Shining, then tracks like K definitely will; atonal vocals wail over a sinister piano break that sounds like it’s been dragged off some obscure Charles Mingus LP. Fishes and Moth are similarly nutty tracks, all skewered time signatures and quivering vocals. Amongst the winter atmospherics, however, hides an indelible gem. Vernal is sublime tune, starting off with a deadpan reference to the chords from Feelin’ Good, before dissolving into a ho-down parody. With its 1940s jazz feel, it’s like you’ve been transported to some illicit bar in WWII-era Paris, full of desperate romantics. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s worth a listen.