Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band – Adiós Señor Pussycat

Adiós Señor Pussycat is a beauty, the album fans have been waiting for

Album Review by Pete Wild | 16 Oct 2017
Album title: Adiós Señor Pussycat
Artist: Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band
Label: Violette Records
Release date: 20 Oct

Finally. Finally. Finally Michael Head has released an album and the world feels ready for it. He’s had great albums before, make no mistake – check out Shack’s Waterpistol or The Magical World of the Strands and you’ll see what we mean. But Waterpistol missed its moment (recorded in 1991, the studio burned down and the master tapes were thought lost only surfacing some five or so years later when the world had moved on) and The Strands’ dark, folky narcotic charm was too complex for a public busy buying Be Here Now back in 1997.

But now it’s 2017, 11 years since he last released an album (Shack’s On the Corner of Miles and Gil) and we have 13 new songs, each of which take you warmly by the hand, greeting you like old friends, showing off different sides of Head, making one of those pictures you can’t help but lose yourself in. We’ve got mellow folk, like opener Picasso (with the sweetly revealing, 'It’s not like it in the movies / There may be police involved') and Lavender Way.

There are songs he’s been performing live for a while, like Workin’ Family; songs that hark back to other Head songs (you can’t help but be reminded of Shack's Byrds Turn to Stone when you hear Wild Mountain Thyme, or London Town when you hear Winter Turns to Spring), songs that wear their influences on their sleeve (4&4 Still Makes 8 is the most love-y song on display, a rocking homage to A House is Not a Motel), songs that come at you like a movement wearing a smile and a frown (What’s the Difference, we’re looking at you).

Best of all, though, are the songs that are full of joy, the songs that you can’t help but sing along with even when you don’t know the words yet: Overjoyed, Adios Amigo, and Rumer are worth the admission price alone. All told then, it’s a beauty. The album his fans have been waiting for. An album to bewitch people who don’t even know his name yet. Finally.

Listen to: Picasso, Wild Mountain Thyme & Adios Amigos