Metronomy – Summer 08

Album Review by Will Moss | 23 Jun 2016
  • Summer 08 - Metronomy
Album title: Summer 08
Artist: Metronomy
Label: Because Music
Release date: 1 Jul

Joe Mount finds the not-so-distant past as a ripe source of inspiration on Summer 08. With four albums in his arsenal, each taking Metronomy’s penchant for quirky pop in new directions, this fifth full-length sees Mount venture out by himself and try to recapture the not-so halcyon days of sophomore (and breakthrough) record Nights Out.

It's an effort on his part to come to terms with the trappings of critical success that the record brought the band eight years ago; missing family celebrations due to touring and dealing with his new position as something of an indie darling in the music media.

The intention to revisit is coupled with the desire to renovate. The erratic nature of Nights Out certainly provides a point of reference for several of the LP's best moments, including opener Back Together and the jerky effervescence of Old Skool. Nevertheless, Mount’s irrepressible desire to create wins the fight for the limelight.

Hang Me out to Dry, featuring Swedish pop veteran Robyn, switches between icy Badalamenti-like atmosphere and rolling dancefloor-ready rhythms. My House, meanwhile, shares a similar blend of old and new; the hip-jerking bass lines of the Metronomy that we know and love combine with what is seemingly a solemn church organ to a surprisingly alluring effect.

Lyrics are as simple and as witty as ever, focusing around sexual desire, jealousy and life in the pre-hipster East End in 2008. Old Skool is the album's most entertaining moment, with a hilarious back and forth between Mount and an impersonated character attempting to arrange a dinner date. It’s this wit – both in lyrics and in music – coupled with his constant tinkering which makes Metronomy such a joy to listen to. And still one of the UK’s most original modern pop bands.