Metaltech – Burn Your Planet

Album Review by David Bowes | 28 Jul 2011
  • Metaltech - Burn Your Planet
Album title: Burn Your Planet
Artist: Metaltech
Label: Alex Tronic Records
Release date: 14 Aug

How do you take a band like Metaltech, a nu-industrial trio with a love of Kiss-esque greasepaint and early 90s rock and techno? On one hand you have the album’s title track, an anthemic diatribe against pollution, apathy and corporate greed backed by fist-pounding synths. But then, it does follow the slightly less militant Sex on the Dancefloor (complete with terminally unsexy sampled moans) so perhaps they shouldn’t be expected to rip up the system just yet.

What does work in their favour is an obvious knack for knocking out extremely danceable industrial, the kind of music that you couldn’t stop your head rhythmically swaying to even if you wanted, and then filling in the gaps with abundant 80’s-style guitar lines: simple, uncomplicated, melodic. On these strengths, it’s hard to peg them as likely to cause any major ripples in rock, but in terms of guiltily uplifting music for the average cybergoth get-together, it’ll certainly hit the spot.

Playing Belladrum Festival on 6 Aug and Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on 14 Aug