Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound

Black Rainbow Sound demonstrates a massive shift for Menace Beach; exuding the same visceral power and anthemic pop tunes we've come to expect but with a funky new twist

Album Review by Harriet Willis | 30 Aug 2018
  • Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound
Album title: Black Rainbow Sound
Artist: Menace Beach
Label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 31 Aug

Leeds five-piece Menace Beach’s third album Black Rainbow Sound demonstrates a massive shift since last year's Lemon Memory; exuding the same visceral power and anthemic indie pop tunes just with a funky new twist.

After a self-imposed break from touring, Black Rainbow Sound derived from late-night orchestrations of drum machines, synthesisers, loops and guitar noise. This base, built by Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, soon received a full Menace Beach input from the rest of the band and Matt Peel (Eagulls) as producer.

The opening single, and titular track, features Brix Smith (Brix Smith and the Extricated / The Fall). This intriguing collaboration promises an album that further explores their unique world of bizzaro no-wave analogue synths and static electronica. Tongue takes a more vocally melodic approach, with gruelling guitars and buzzing electronics; Violet’s subtle voice sits on top of the mayhem that is falls beneath her sweet vocals.

The discordant electronics of this album become an inhuman backdrop for the lyrics to ring out. Being a compilation of mashed up sounds and strange aesthetic, the album could be considered experimental in its dizzy melodies and introspective topics.

The entirety of Black Rainbow Sound delves into an unknown use of electronica; combined with indie-rock drum beats and guitar riffs, Menace Beach maintain that depth and power of a solid electro-indie album.

Listen to: Black Rainbow Sound, Tongue, Watermelon