McLusky - 'McLuskyism'

McLusky are dead; long live McLusky.

Album Review by Sean Michaels | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'McLuskyism'
Artist: McLusky
Label: Too Pure
McLuskyism is an album of jaw-dropping pop-hardcore, music that makes me want to lift the band onto my shoulders and carry them to the stage, any stage. Of course the tragedy is that there's no longer a band to lift: McLusky are dead, deceased, bucket-kicked. The Cardiff band broke up a year ago and left just three albums of jubilant rock'n'roll and riotous noise. This collection of a-sides evokes Shellac, Nirvana, the Fall, and even some alternate universe, kick-ass version of The Offspring. To Hell With Good Intentions could turn an earthquake into a dance-floor, She Will Bring You Happiness is pure American-style indie rock, and Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues lights my speakers on fire. I'm not kidding. Okay I'm kidding. But albums like this make me feel as if shit like that could happen. Albums like this make me want it to happen. McLusky are dead; long live McLusky. [Sean Michaels]
McLuskyism' is Out Now.