Mary Jane - 'What I came here for' -

reeks of perfunctory punk rock

Album Review by Caroline Hurley | 16 Apr 2006
Label: Timeless Music
What I came here for' is the debut EP from "two thirds female" rock trio Mary Jane. This 'female' reference being code for: 'derivative of Hole and the Distillers, will try to rhyme something with the word mascara'. Problem being of course, that Hole and the Distillers are derivative claptrap themselves, and nothing rhymes with mascara. Killing Joke's Geordie Walker is on production duties and tries to make a full throated sound without much to go on, this whole EP just reeks of perfunctory punk rock and it's pretty depressing. A couple of tracks tease at first, but by the first chorus they're back treading the middle ground in black doc martens. Courtney Love and Brody Dalle have an image and attitude that can cover for lack of musicality but better heroines would be Kim Deal, Janet Weiss and Laura Ballance who have actually been in, y'know, good bands. Please girls, get over L7 and try Sleater Kinney. [Caroline Hurley]
This EP is released on April 6.