Martyn – Ghost People

Album Review by Ray Philp | 22 Sep 2011
  • Martyn – Ghost People
Album title: Ghost People
Artist: Martyn
Label: Brainfeeder
Release date: 10 Oct

Dutch producer Martyn's Brainfeeder debut isn't the 'statement' record that some observers might have anticipated, nor does it represent a wholesale paradigm shift from the polyrhythmic dubstep-techno blueprint mapped out by his superlative first album, Great Lengths.

Martjin Deijkers' sonic signature is advanced on Ghost People only in techno-centric increments, but his ongoing affinity for subtly abrasive textures (there's a rolling radio frequency crackle on Masks that wraps the rhythm in a sort of Brillo Pad blanket) and off-centre 4/4 still yields some exceptional results.

Sunburst synth stabs and sub-basement kicks anchor the excellent eponymous track; it's one of a clutch of dancefloor-baiting songs replete with considered production flourishes, the best of which arrives in the shape of closing track We Are You In The Future, a near nine-minute odyssey of coruscating warehouse melodies and dilating chords that ascend into a chemically-enhanced ether.