Maria Taylor – Something About Knowing

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 24 Oct 2013
Album title: Something About Knowing
Artist: Maria Taylor
Label: Saddle Creek
Release date: 4 Nov

Maria Taylor’s fifth album, Something About Knowing, is quintessential Saddle Creek: production from label founder Mike Mogis; a musical style that gently browses country-soul and dream-pop; and that warm, familiar voice, recalling past Creek peaks as half of Azure Ray and as backing vocalist on I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (amongst other things).

As well as echoes of Bright Eyes’ full-on alt-country period, the work of erstwhile Creeker Jenny Lewis is evoked on a number of occasions, with songs like Folk Song Melody eerily close to her post-Rilo Kiley solo work. Unfortunately Taylor has a more pronounced saccharine streak than either of the aforementioned, and with her young son an expressed influence (“I heard the sweetest voice call me mommy”), you may be inclined to agree with Cyril Connolly’s warning about the pram in the hall as the enemy of good art. Those with a metaphorical sweet tooth, however, will find much to savour. [Chris Buckle]