Mano Le Tough – Changing Days

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 22 Feb 2013
Album title: Changing Days
Artist: Mano Le Tough
Label: Permanent Vacation
Release date: 22 Feb

Born near Dublin, Niall Mannion aka Mano Le Tough moved to Berlin some time before 2009, and quietly began to revolutionise the template of house music with his production and DJ work. Like some heaven-sent mixture of Arthur Russell, Matthew Dear and Kerrier District, Le Tough's debut album features beguilingly minimal, vocoder-inflected four-four workouts like A Thing From Above and Please, alongside the more downtempo, blissed-out, melancholic Balearic vibes of Moments in Truth.

It also features heart-stopping, emotional songwriting and fractured electronica on the stunning Cannibalize; a breathtaking track. There is low-slung broken beat, chiming guitar and abstract swathes of noise on the transcendent Primitive People. The washed out tropical house, falsetto vocals and processed, finger-picked guitar on the astonishing Dreaming Youth are sublime. Le Tough is revealed as both an exciting, boundary-pushing house producer, and an utterly vital new voice in songwriting – expect to see his name mentioned far and wide in 2013 and beyond.