Mac DeMarco – Another One

Album Review by Duncan Harman | 23 Jul 2015
  • Mac DeMarco – Another One
Album title: Another One
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Label: Captured Tracks
Release date: 7 Aug

It’s not just summery vibes with a hint of melancholia in the Mac DeMarco camp; should you be looking for the playful intuitions that underpin his sound, then look no further than the epilogue of latest release Another One, when the Canadian singer-songwriter – now based out of Far Rockaway, NYC – drawls what’s presumably his beachfront address, then invites us round for a cup of coffee.

Such feints provide an extra edge to the woozy, Nilsson-esque pop on offer. And while – as with predecessor Salad Days – it can take time to delve beyond vocal affectations reminiscent of John Lennon on a fairground ride (or Julian Lennon, if you’re being cruel), once you do, this is a mini-album loaded with emotional integrity, tracks such as The Way You’d Love Her, Just To Put Me Down, or the stand-out Without Me etched in wistful, lovesick posture, neither cloying nor disposable. Just eight tracks, it’s over far too soon; if you do pop round his for more, let us know if his brews match up to the records. 

Playing Glasgow O2 ABC on 7 Sep and Manchester Albert Hall on 12 Sep.