Lykke Li – EYEYE

Lykke Li continues her foray into experimentation on fifth album EYEYE

Album Review by Anita Bhadani | 16 May 2022
  • Lykki Li - Eyeye
Album title: EYEYE
Artist: Lykke Li
Label: Play It Again Sam
Release date: 20 May

Lykke Li’s fifth offering toes the line between cinematic grandeur and quiet intimacies. While her previous album so sad so sexy marked a departure from her trademark sound, with the artist experimenting with elements of trap, on EYEYE, Li continues her foray into experimentation, focusing on dreamlike soundscapes with the intention of creating something akin to a "voice memo on a macro dose of LSD".

The stripped back production allows for Li’s vocals, breathy, chanting and layered, to really shine through at times, used to great effect on tracks like HAPPY HURTS. Similarly, the understated simplicity of lyrics such as 'Back in my bed, back in my heart / Back in my, back in my arms' on opening track NO HOTEL showcases the vulnerability that Li has always found strength in channelling; heartbreak captured via the lens of minimalistic, catchy pop is Li’s forte. 

However, at times on EYEYE the quiet spaces linger just a little bit too long, and it simply feels like something is missing. Ultimately, while there are a few moments that are undeniably hypnotic, the album as a whole feels just slightly less full in scope and vision than her previous bodies of work.