Lords - Everyone Is People

Nine very happening slices of blues-rock ingenuity

Album Review by Austin Tasseltine | 16 Oct 2008
  • Lords - Everyone Is People
Album title: Everyone Is People
Artist: Lords
Label: Gringo
Release date: 3 Nov

Used unconventionally, guitars can make a lot of decidedly mental noises: squeals and drones invoking many a well-stroked chin and contemplative nod. Used conventionally however, guitars can make your head damn-near bob off your neck. Lords utilise this latter tactic as a way to our collective hearts. From somewhere in between Captian Beefheart and Queens of the Stone Age emanates this raucous but mature cacophany. Like Oxes, a lack of a bass guitar but no noticeable lack of boogie gives these guys a foot-up over the conventional. The axes sound like the late 60s without the music coming across as dated or irrelevant. Everyone is People is brilliantly paced, from the outright jam of Good Dog Bad Dog to the gutsy swing of Creatures and lethargic mood-setter The Boat Don't Float. Nine very happening slices of blues-rock ingenuity it is then. Set your booty free. [Chris Cusack]

Lords play Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow on 25 Oct.

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