Lil Daggers – Lil Daggers

Album Review by David McGinty | 28 Nov 2011
  • Lil Daggers – Lil Daggers
Album title: Lil Daggers
Artist: Lil Daggers
Label: Song, by Toad
Release date: 5 Dec

Imagine finding an old wireless; winding it up, and turning it on to discover that it’s still tuned to an old forgotten AM station constantly broadcasting psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll b-sides. Lil Daggers, the debut album by the Florida-based band and latest foreign release by Edinburgh-based Song, by Toad Records, is a little like that.

Not too far removed from some of Brian Jonestown Massacre's rockier moments, Dead Golden Girls and Slave Exchange Johnny Saraiva’s washed out vocals blend into sustained organ and bursting distorted guitar noodling. When this rhythm ‘n’ blues rock subsides on tracks like Pignose, the band channel The Kinks, offering a jangly acoustic number which is notably different from their menacing psych-rock, but indebted to the same period. A little too ominous and twisted to refer to as a complete throwback, Lil Daggers is more like an old scratched and warped vinyl than ‘vintage’, but therein lies the charm.