Leverton Fox – The Human Arm

Album Review by Sam Wiseman | 07 Jun 2012
Album title: The Human Arm
Artist: Leverton Fox
Label: Not Applicable Recordings
Release date: 11 Jun

Two and a half years in the making, The Human Arm is a dark, esoteric mash-up of free jazz, glitchy beats and power electronics-style overdriven bass drones. Trumpeter and electronica artist Alex Bonney formed Leverton Fox with jazz drummer Tim Giles in 2008, and this, their second LP, sees them reaching ever-further into the murky depths of ambient noise and improv. The most obvious touchstones are acts like Wolf Eyes, but the peculiar combination of quietude and aggression gives The Human Arm a distinctive feel.

Even by the standards of its field, it’s an austere listen; stripped-down and always eschewing melody or repetitive rhythms for the exploration of textures, by turns abrasive and immersive. Tracks like the closing Owl Syndrome, which overlays subtle feedback layers and synth drones, are the most successful, conjuring a bleakly mystical atmosphere; but the tone remains unapologetically forbidding throughout.