Last Harbour – Caul

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 04 Feb 2015
Album title: Caul
Artist: Last Harbour
Label: Gizeh Records
Release date: 9 Feb

More dark matter from Manchester's Gizeh Records, the increasingly canny collective responsible of late for shadowy essentials from the likes of Ormonde and Shield Patterns. From the depths of sorrow, Last Harbour conjure hope, belief, solace. Are you ready to be heartbroken? Here's a meticulously traced map of the human condition to guide you. K Craig's throaty burr could so easily be a vehicle for morose routine – here it's an instrument of force and range.

It inhabits Caul like a ghost in the shadows: shades of Scott Walker and the late David McComb. Musically, Last Harbour's chamber arrangements reference the darklands favoured by The Bad Seeds and These New Puritans. Subtle tonal shifts are its concession to variation. Its immaculate highlight is The Promise, a 13 minute rhapsody in black. Throughout, it's Caul's compassion that overwhelms. Those moments when you stumble, where the light retreats, here's an arm around the shoulder and a heart that understands. 

Playing Manchester Soup Kitchen on 14 Feb