Lapalux – Nostalchic

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 07 Mar 2013
  • Lapalux – Nostalchic
Album title: Nostalchic
Artist: Lapalux
Label: Brainfeeder
Release date: 25 March

Nostalchic is the definitive stage in the development of Lapalux from experimental beatsmith to full-fledged musical visionary. Borrowing from chillwave, ethereal R&B and electronic shoegaze, but always adding his own mysterious, sometimes indecipherable production flourishes, he delivers a strong, incredibly varied album that is utterly unique.

Intricately layered found-sounds and field recordings are ever-present – from the static hiss behind the blissed-out synths of the gorgeous GUUURL, with its narcotic half-step house beat; to the, freaky, side-chained rap chatter and warped voices behind the shizophrenic lounge jazz of Kelly Brook; to the record static and whispers of the unnervingly pretty The Dead Sea, the background texture lends Nostalchic a messy, richly layered sonic palette.

His work with vocalists Jenna Andrews, Kerry Leatham and Astrid Williamson is ground-breaking – applying the chopped, screwed and stretched techniques of Burial or Holy Other to original vocal performances. With nods to experimental jazz, hip-hop, house and bass music, it's another astounding release from the unimpeachable Brainfeeder stable. 

Lapalux plays Broadcast, Glasgow on 28 March, and Zzzap at The Annexe, Edinburgh on 5 April