Lanterns On The Lake – Beings

Album Review by Mina Green | 02 Nov 2015
Album title: Beings
Artist: Lanterns On The Lake
Label: Bella Union
Release date: 13 Nov

Beyond the success of 2013's Until the Colours Run, Newcastle's Lanterns On The Lake continue to maintain their commitment to producing high quality soundscapes with a unique sensibility. Beings is haunting and delicate, with a soulful self-effacing aura to put a tremor in your bones. Hazel Wilde’s vocals evoke a mystical narrative accompanied by the tiptoe of the ride cymbal in songs such as Faultlines, while humble and poignant piano glazes the space between this constructed dream world and reality in Stepping Down.

Tracks travel fluidly between each other, creating a velvet mélange of acoustic rock with elements of pop and grunge; Of Dust and Matter explores the emotional cracks between reason and experience, gleaned with a morose ecstasy hard to find in modern indie rock. The track listing is varied and eclectic, melting between the fibres of its own being. A truly excellent work that rarely falters, representative of the band’s creative prowess and untempered dreams. 

Playing Manchester Ruby Lounge on 2 Dec and Glasgow King Tut's on 4 Dec