KUČKA – Wrestling

KUČKA's long-awaited first album is an incredibly accomplished expression of her experimental electronic sound

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 28 Apr 2021
  • KUČKA – Wrestling
Album title: Wrestling
Artist: KUČKA
Label: LuckyMe / Soothsayer
Release date: 30 Apr

Laura Jane Lowther has spent the best part of the last decade collaborating with an impressive roster of artists, including A$AP Rocky, SOPHIE and Flume. Now, almost nine years since the release of her eponymous debut EP as KUČKA she’s going solo once again on her debut album, Wrestling.

Born in Liverpool, Lowther moved to Perth, Australia as a teenager before relocating to Los Angeles as an adult, where she now lives with her wife – visual artist and creative director of Wrestling – Dillon Howl. The latter two cities are where Lowther’s musical career really took off, and where many of her collaborations were born.

Not exactly a debut in the traditional sense, Lowther’s wealth of experience in the music industry is evident and Wrestling is an incredibly accomplished record. Where many debuts act as a means of setting out an artist’s vision, Lowther’s musical identity is already well-established and Wrestling only seeks to cement that.

Wrestling is entirely Lowther’s – written, produced and recorded herself. It sounds like an artist ready to break out from the shadows and firmly position herself front and centre, and it feels like the perfect time too.

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