KT Tunstall – WAX

Despite having a successful career which spans almost two decades, WAX, the sixth studio album from Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall comes as something of a reinvention

Album Review by Amy Kenyon | 05 Oct 2018
  • KT Tunstall – WAX
Album title: WAX
Artist: KT Tunstall
Label: Rostrum Records
Release date: 5 Oct

After appearing on Scottish Pop Music documentary Rip It Up, KT Tunstall described how she didn't feel in complete control of her own sound when she first started making music. Despite achieving great commercial success which has spanned almost two decades, WAX – the sixth studio album from KT Tunstall – comes as something of a reinvention. Written by the Scottish singer-songwriter with the help of producer Nick McCarthy (formerly of Franz Ferdinand), the album is an unapologetic return which still retains some elements of her original pop sound.

In a confusing attempt at experimentation, the album shifts through different genres featuring elements of big band sound with the use of brass, synths and acoustic guitar-jazz which at times borders on ‘easy listening’. Despite playing it a bit safe, it is clear that KT Tunstall is very much in charge. On tracks such as Dark Side Of Me the lyrics look at self-image and what it means to be a woman: "Physical and feminine / These are just the words that we use."

Regardless of what genre KT Tunstall uses to express herself, there is a confidence and self-ownership in her lyrics which was not there before. The album is a blend of attitude-fuelled rock n' roll with raw and earthy vocals which stand out completely from the instrumentals. WAX, the second album in Tunstall's Kin trillogy, has a much more developed and technically complex sound, and a real sign of what fans can look forward to in its last installment.

Listen to: The Mountain, Dark Side Of Me, Poison In Your Cup