Kiran Leonard – Grapefruit

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 02 Mar 2016
  • Kiran Leonard – Grapefruit
Album title: Grapefruit
Artist: Kiran Leonard
Label: Moshi Moshi
Release date: 25 Mar

Kiran Leonard's clattering songscapes describe a jumbled, dreamy, scatterbrained lack of concentration. But this unfocused direction, for all its confusion, feels exciting in the same way that mis-reading a map can walk you into the unknown. It's the debut record from the Mancunian and Leonard sounds eager to show off the full scope of his inspirations.

Lead 'single' Pink Fruit is a whopping 16 minutes long and is more a patchwork of flickering images and half-thunk thoughts than any typically cohesive radio-ready album teaser – but the twists and turns it takes are well worth the view. In contrast, Half-Ruined Already is concise but still outlandish; it doesn't have time to stray too far from the path and benefits from the brevity. Caiphas in Fetters is wildy, enjoyably overdramatic, and shows that Leonard's best when he cuts straight to the bone. However, a yell of 'I am not boring' mid-record feels an accidental insight into his efforts to show all of his working, all of the time. Grapefruit is both excruciating and luxurious in its patchiness.