Kinbrae – Landforms

Conjuring up images of the River Tay and the surrounding landscape, Landforms is a cinematic soundscape from Kinbrae

Album Review by Amy Kenyon | 18 Apr 2019
  • Kinbrae – Landforms
Album title: Landforms
Artist: Kinbrae
Label: Truant Recordings
Release date: 19 Apr

The second album from Kinbrae (formed of twin brothers Mike and Andy Truscott), Landforms conjures up images of the River Tay, the surrounding landscape and its unique architecture. 

From the way the Tay Rail Bridge and how it interacts with the natural environment is mimicked in the juxtaposition between brass and modular synths, to the way raw recorded sound has been directly captured and edited together to produce a musical score, Landforms is cinematic in its vision. 

The first track, Movement of Light, sets the scene. If you close your eyes you can easily visualise crossing the bridge at dawn, hearing the carriages pass over each rivet that connects its structure. Meander is like a morning salutation, its cornet a bright and expanding light that comes into and out of focus like a memory. In Bridge at Night, the sound becomes more obscured, and there's a playful contrast between light and dark capturing the city lights rippling and reflecting on the surface of the water.

The title of each track on Landforms functions as a rough guide to what you can expect from each abstract. Although Kinbrae experiment with each composition, it's clear that collectively these belong to a greater body of work where each moment that is depicted is like another movement from the same symphony or tone poem.

Listen to: Meander, The River Awakens, Wave Propagation