Kim Gordon – The Collective

The Collective leans further into the heavy dub and trap stylings introduced on 2019’s No Home Record

Album Review by Jack Faulds | 04 Mar 2024
  • Kim Gordon – The Collective
Album title: The Collective
Artist: Kim Gordon
Label: Matador
Release date: 8 Mar

If you thought Kim Gordon’s last solo effort was a far cry from her Sonic Youth days, The Collective is an experience that will shatter your expectations of this deeply singular artist tenfold. On lead single BYE BYE, Gordon’s performance is straight-faced but not half-hearted as she commits to a Dry Cleaning-style recital of a to-do/shopping list over a track that combines blown-out 808 bass and glitchy hi-hats with a generous helping of whiny fuzz guitar feedback.

For the bone-rattling, almost parodically modern production on this track and on others like The Candy House and I Don’t Miss My Mind, you can thank producer Justin Raisen, responsible for the formative sounds on the debut albums of Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira. I’m a Man is a standout here, seeing Gordon adopt the narrative voice of your typical internet incel – 'I can’t get a date / It’s not my fault!' – and pointing the finger at other pathetic men with saviour complexes – 'I’m supposed to save you but you got a job / You got a degree and I’m just a fuckin’ slob'.

In other places, The Collective contains subtle elements of ethereal hyperpop (Psychedelic Orgasm), eery metallic soundscapes (Shelf Warmer) and lo-fi egg-punk influences (Dream Dollar). Gordon manages to hit that sweet spot, creating an album that is adventurous, charmingly deadpan and visceral at every turn.

Listen to: I'm A Man, Shelf Warmer, Dream Dollar