Kavinsky – Outrun

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 13 Feb 2013
Album title: Outrun
Artist: Kavinsky
Label: Mercury
Release date: 25 Feb

Kavinsky's Nightcall was the seminal moment in Drive – soundtracking the opening credits, it became the film's signature track, and went on to gain international recognition for Vincent Belorgey, the French producer who helmed the song behind Lovefoxxx's seductive lyrics. The success of both Drive and Nightcall have made Outrunone of the most anticipated albums of 2013, and for the most part it doesn't disappoint.

There are moments that self-consciously evoke '80s synth-pop and some of the great cinematic composers of the era: openers Blizzard and ProtoVision meld Moroder-esque synths with house beats and screeching, hair-metal guitar solos. Odd Look equals Nightcall for sheer anthemic appeal, with a filthy, sexy vocal riding the synths.

Only Suburbia falls short of the mark – Kavinsky's music suits rap, but the featured emcee (Mobb Deep's Havoc) disappoints with some clichéd ghetto-fabulous rhymes. Early cut Testarossa Autodrive (resurrected from its first airing in 2006) has lost none of its appeal in the context of newer work, and Nightcall is still one of the freshest retro-futurist tracks of the past few years. A long-incubating debut, but Outrun proves to have been well worth the wait.