Karin Park – Apocalypse Pop

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 24 Feb 2015
  • Karin Park – Apocalypse Pop
Album title: Apocalypse Pop
Artist: Karin Park
Label: State of the Eye
Release date: 30 Mar

Karin Park, Norwegian queen of goth-pop, returns darker than ever – as the menacing title of new album Apocalypse Pop attests. But although Park proffers a lyrical dystopia, shiny production and handfuls of hook-laden choruses render this one enjoyably kitsch apocalypse.

If you’ve been alert on SoundCloud since Park’s last record, you’ll have seen her name attached to prolific producer and DJ Maya Jane Coles. Park’s track Shine blew up after Coles’ remix – but it’s satisfying to see the original version on the album, showcasing Park at her best. Creepy, calm-waters vocals drip over industrial beats, and, somewhere along the way, the track metamorphosises into a grand-scale, exuberant pop song.

This ethos, proven successful, lays the foundations for Apocalypse Pop on the whole. Lead single Look What You’ve Done is freaky, yes, but defiantly radio friendly: ferocious, accusatory lyrics laced with a peppy swing beat. Closer Hurricane sees Park team with Pandora Drive (aka Thomas Knights and Nick Sheldon) to create a shaded, nightmarish worldscape that’s still more glitter ball than it is 28 Days Later. The best part though? It’s rumoured that Park is competing to represent at Eurovision 2015. Do the right thing, Norway. [Katie Hawthorne]