Jyrojets - Jyrojets

Contrived attempt at stadium anthems from Inverness quintet

Album Review by Neal Parsons | 11 Jun 2008
  • Jyrojets
Album title: Jyrojets
Artist: Jyrojets
Label: Songphonic
Release date: 16 Jun

Were the Stereophonics and Athlete ever to cross-breed, the results would surely sound a lot like this limp angst rock; where stadium-lite anthems are bundled together with limper still ballads. On Hollywood Hold On, Inverness’s Jyrojets even find time to commit that most heinous of crimes by doing a Razorlight and singing about America as if they were somehow from there. Singer Colin Fraser mumbles his way through proceedings over Bon Jovi-styled drumming and a watery synthetic string section. The entire album listlessly meanders along at a tedious mid-tempo with very little to differentiate one song from the next, and no indication that this music is actually being made by a real band as opposed to some sort of hellish random tune generator. All The Rage, for example, was clearly conceived as a drive-time sing-a-long, complete with 'lighters out' breakdown, but it lacks gravitas and any real hook to make you sit up and take notice. Seldom does an album feel so throwaway.