Justice – Woman

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 09 Nov 2016
  • Justice – Woman
Album title: Woman
Artist: Justice
Label: Ed Banger
Release date: 18 November

It's been almost a decade since French electronic duo Justice unleashed their debut record on the world – potentially grim reading for readers old enough to remember that. In Justice's defence, the Parisian act never over-saturated themselves, only releasing three albums in nine years (lest we forget: 2007's and 2011's Audio, Video, Disco precede this new offering). It's a nice surprise to have them back, and even nicer to find the duo have retained their pleasurable take on industrial-infused electronica, with 70s disco touches.

This is chiefly because Woman is fresh, exciting and more than anything, a fun listen. Early singles such as opener Safe and Sound lean into the band's deep knowledge of all things disco, while Randy manages to strike pop gold once again, and Alakazam! masterfully blends that exciting combination of disco and electronic music for which they have become famed.

While nothing on Woman is quite as bombastic as when  was first unleashed on an unsuspecting public, there's plenty of intriguing stuff to chew on here with deep cuts such as Chorus and Heavy Metal, resulting in a terrific return from the French duo. Much like Daft Punk before them, Justice have maintained their high standards.

Listen to: Chorus, Safe and Sound, Alakazam!