Jónsi - Go

Album Review by Wilbur Kane | 23 Mar 2010
  • Jónsi - Go
Album title: Go
Artist: Jónsi
Label: Parlophone
Release date: 5 April

It's difficult to distinguish Jónsi's debut solo album from anything he could possibly have produced in conjunction with his Sigur Rós bandmates, such is the ever-so-subtly changing dynamic of their output over the years, and the fact that Jónsi's affecting, ghost-child vocal delivery is inextricably associated with that work. His decision to sing in English doesn't clarify matters; Boy Lilikoi (the track being used to promote the album in advance of release) sees him eccentrically wish he were a passion-fruit person, making as much sense as if he were crooning in his made-up vowel-heavy 'language' Hopelandic. That track, however, is an ethereal delight; an ornately orchestral ode to a happier dimension. Classical composer Nico Muhly's imaginative arrangements throughout ensure that the vast array of instruments on display – heavy percussion on Go Do, Animal Arithmetic and foot stomping Around Us; plaintive strings on the downcast Hengilas – complement, rather than compete on this heady work. [Wilbur Kane]