Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Album Review by Stu Lewis | 14 Jun 2013
  • Jon Hopkins – Immunity
Album title: Immunity
Artist: Jon Hopkins
Label: Domino
Release date: 10 June

"King Creosote and who??" was the cry from many a Scot when Anstruther's finest unveiled 2011's seminal collaborative work Diamond Mine. Largely unknown to fans of contemporary folk, Hopkins still had plenty of pedigree as a producer and composer and his subtle instrumentation on Bubble and Bats In The Attic, a far cry from his usual fare, added even deeper nuances to Creosote's songbook. 

Immunity – his first solo album proper since – will doubtless bring more recognition as curious Fence fans seek out his next move. Has he packed away the dusty old harmonium that did him so proud and returned to his ambient roots? Well, yes and no. From the outset, the claustrophobic electronica that has been Hopkins' niche dominates – We Disappear circles like Four Tet's darker brother and Collider's propulsive beats manage to sound sleepy and urgent at the same time. But by the midway point we face a pretty radical about turn.

Abandon Window is wispy and plaintive, while the sprawling Sun Harmonics will surely induce a dreamlike haze. Sure enough, our old friend KC lends his rich, unmistakeable tones to the closing title track which drifts along a piano loop rather beautifully. Of course, Hopkins doesn't need to play up to the Scottish indie folk crowd, but Immunity succeeds in marrying both sides of his varied palette.