John MOuse – Replica Figures

John MOuse reunites with Sweet Baboo on latest album Replica Figures; despite some deeply atmospheric moments, you might end up misremembering some of it

Album Review by Eugenie Johnson | 14 Feb 2018
  • John MOuse – Replica Figures
Album title: Replica Figures
Artist: John MOuse
Label: Keep Me In Your Heart Records
Release date: 19 Feb

Memory can be a fickle thing. Place two people in a room together and they may remember a situation differently, while age can also affect how we look back on events, sometimes placing rose-tinted glasses on the past. It’s the concept of creating memories – and false ones – that surrounds Welsh troubadour John MOuse’s latest album, Replica Figures.

Reuniting with previous contributor Stephen Black, better known as Sweet Baboo, to create a record with a more restrained palette of instruments and sounds. This lightness of touch allows MOuse’s best asset – his wit and sharp songwriting – to really shine through. End of Mankind sees MOuse introducing the concept of the album with a dark tone, weaving a tale of 'a 22-year-old prostitute giving birth over a toilet'. She tells the police she has no memory of this. At other times things take a surreal turn, as on The King and Jesus Ganged Up on Me, where the King in question interrupts a football game by landing his helicopter on the pitch, only to go and sit in the stands.

MOuse’s thoughts and tales surrounding the concept of memory are always intriguing, though the same can’t always be said about the music accompanying him. While some of the more downbeat, piano-driven numbers are deeply atmospheric, the jangly guitar, drum machine rhythms and sometimes childlike melodies don’t always leave a distinctive impression. You might end up misremembering some of this one.

Listen to: The King and Jesus Ganged Up on Me