Joe Lally – Why Should I Get Used To It

Album Review by Jason Morton | 26 Apr 2011
  • Joe Lally - Why Should I Get Used To It
Album title: Why Should I Get Used To It
Artist: Joe Lally
Label: Dischord
Release date: 25 April

While bassist Joe Lally may not have been the most visible member of DC post-hardcore godfathers Fugazi, he's arguably been the most prolific since their indefinite hiatus was marked in 2003. This third solo effort, Why Should I Get Used To It, lilts from the sound spearheaded by his former group to more spare or experimental tracks, though the record's tied tight with Lally's low-end as a common thread.

Cuts like Let it Burn tread the tricky path of rhythmic dissonance, with a pots-and-pans approach to drums, though the musicians embrace convention with Nothing to Lose bearing a quick, simple beat and a chunky 70s AOR riff that makes you dream of some lonesome highway stretching out to infinity. And while Lally’s plaintive vocals might not purvey the same passion as his former bandmates, this LP should satiate the appetites of Fugazi fans, as well as people who like challenging music that doesn’t sacrifice melody to push the envelope. [Jason Morton]