Jockstrap & Taylor Skye – I<3UQTINVU

I<3UQTINVU is a beautifully werd mish-mash of sounds that typifies Jockstrap's experimental aesthetic

Album Review by Jamie Wilde | 31 Oct 2023
  • Jockstrap – I<3UQTINVU
Album title: I<3UQTINVU
Artist: Jockstrap & Taylor Skye
Label: Rough Trade Records
Release date: 3 Nov

Genre-fluid London duo Jockstrap have made quite the impression with their debut album I Love You Jennifer B. Its enamouring showcase of their complex and creative identity landed them a Mercury Prize nomination and festival appearances at the likes of Glastonbury, as well as widespread critical praise (including an album of the year nod and a five-star review from ourselves).

I<3UQTINVU takes things up a notch. A remix work of their original album and the brainchild of Taylor Skye, the album harnesses onto the band’s sonic unpredictability, an element they showed best whilst performing live at Glasgow’s Stereo last year. Everything from hyperpop to spoken word and nu-core is covered here, pushing many tracks to the brink of fun absurdity in only a way that Jockstrap could do.

Good Girl, a remake of Jennifer B, is the highlight of the album with its atmospheric, house-infused feel. I Feel also channels early Björk with its quirky harps while Red Eye (feat. IAN STARR) is, well… interesting! Various guest features add further depth and despite many of the mixes being made in a day, this beautifully weird mish-mash of sounds succeeds in inviting listeners further into the depths of Jockstrap’s experimental world.

Listen to: Good Girl, I Feel, Sexy (feat. Babymorocco)