Jeffrey Lewis – A Turn In The Dream-Songs

Album Review by Ross Watson | 29 Sep 2011
  • Jeffrey Lewis – A Turn In The Dream-Songs
Album title: A Turn in the Dream-Songs
Artist: Jeffrey Lewis
Label: Rough Trade
Release date: 10 Oct

Anti-folk figure Jeffrey Lewis is known for his tendency to divide listeners. He addresses this point directly in the song Cult Boyfriend, a highlight on this sixth LP. The New Yorker's observations are valid; the extent to which his music can be enjoyed largely depends on how much you're willing to buy into his charm as a singer-songwriter with quirks.

The best songs here are the ones with the busiest arrangements, others (Krongu Green Slime, So What if I Couldn't Take it) simply repeat the same guitar melodies with little to no variation. If it wasn't for his interestingly unconventional, deliberately imperfect singing style and attentive lyricism there would be much less to recommend here. Thankfully, Lewis is never at a loss for words – his presence as a witty, ultimately likeable storyteller within the context of his songs is what saves A Turn In The Dream-Songs from any waft of mediocrity.

Playing Third Door, Edinburgh on 26 Oct and Stereo, Glasgow on 27 Oct