Jeff Rosenstock – POST-

The equally fun and angry new album from Bomb the Music Industry!'s Jeff Rosenstock feels like a moment-defining collection

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 29 Mar 2018
  • Jeff Rosenstock – POST-
Album title: POST-
Artist: Jeff Rosenstock
Label: Specialist Subject/Polyvinyl
Release date: 23 Mar (physical)

Originally a surprise release on New Year's Day, Jeff Rosenstock's third solo album POST- announced 2018 with a BANG, at a time where almost any other musician wouldn't dare to release new music. It was a gamble that paid off, earning Rosenstock's latest the title of 'the first great album of 2018' from many critics happy and willing to take this genuinely surprising full-length on board. Of course, it doesn't hurt that POST- is a genuinely brilliant album, but it's also not unlike Rosenstock, previously of 'Guerrilla DIY' ska-punk band Bomb the Music Industry! to take chances like this.

Rosenstock had begun to make waves in the indie-rock world with his previous long-player WORRY. in 2016, which led to some highly notable TV and festival appearances, loudly proclaiming the huge amount of money he was earning at one particular performance. But if that seemed like an insolent move from a snotty punk not willing to grow up, the proof that Rosenstock is legit is all here to see in POST-, as he was able to pay for the record's production and self-release from the fees earned in his previous band.

Musically, POST- is a fierce, fiery record that feels appropriate for the world in 2018. Opening track USA – following a voice message which begins 'Hello, best friend..' – was just the shake-up any listener needed to wake from their New Year's malaise, though it still sounds just as exciting three months on, and will continue to throughout the year. In places, the power-pop of tracks like All This Useless Energy or the Beatles-indebted TV Stars sounds like Weezer if they had continued down the more 'serious' path they set down on Pinkerton. 

Overall, POST- is a moment-defining record both for Rosenstock but also for wider popular music and culture; it's equal places angry and fun, something we could all do with in 2018. 

Listen to: All This Useless Energy, TV Stars