Indigo De Souza – All of This Will End

Rising indie rocker Indigo De Souza takes no prisoners on her third album, but there's hope tangled up in all the rage

Album Review by Lewis Wade | 25 Apr 2023
  • Indigo De Souza - All of This Will End
Album title: All of This Will End
Artist: Indigo De Souza
Label: Saddle Creek
Release date: 28 Apr

Indigo De Souza is NOT fucking around. The first half of All of This Will End hits with some serious force. The lyrics are forthright and clear ('I can't believe I let you touch my body', 'You're bad / You suck / You fucked me up'), and the arrangements are stripped back to their grungiest essence. Wasting Your Time dispenses with synths altogether for Pantera levels of heavy, Time Back features some screaming children in the background and all of the first five barely scrape two minutes. It's furious, righteous indignation that is electrifying to hear, while still managing to be weirdly catchy.

With the arrival of the title track, the back half slides into a (relatively) mellower mood, allowing for a bit more hope; The Water is genuinely chirpy and earnest with some nice horns. The lyrical sharpness is still there, especially on absentee father-based Always (featuring some choice yells), but there's more reverb and layers to the arrangements now, shrouding the gaping-wound lyrical concerns in a protective gauze.

Younger & Dumber closes the album in its most reflective point, a real ballad as De Souza considers the forces that have shaped her life up to this point. Like with the title track's refrain, there's no clear answer to be had, but acknowledging this feels like progress.

Listen to: You Can Be Mean, Parking Lot