Imogen Heap - 'Speak for Yourself'

Speak for Yourself' is a noteworthy debut from an artist who seems poised to bring us something even bigger.

Album Review by Dave Reid | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'Speak for Yourself'
Artist: Imogen Heap
Label: White Rabbit Recordings/Sony BMG

This album's expansive soundscapes, produced by blending Heap's ethereal vocals with programmed beats, gives life to some beautiful moments, particularly on the more sparse arrangements. Premier single Hide & Seek threatens to put the rest of the album in the shade but there is fine song writing and production craft at work throughout. It is in the quieter moments that Heap is at her most arresting. The more upbeat of the pack are generally less engaging and let the album down slightly. The entire work is infused with Imogen's personal style that sounds like nobody but herself. 'Speak for Yourself' is a noteworthy album from an artist who seems poised to bring something even bigger. [Dave Reid]

Speak for Yourself' is released on April 24.