Idlewild - Post Electric Blues

This up-beat album could be a surprise for Idlewild fans but the outlook is far from bleak for the band

Album Review by Chris Cusack | 21 Sep 2009
  • Idlewild - Post Electric Blues
Album title: Post Electric Blues
Artist: Idlewild
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Release date: 5 Oct

Their malnourished student days of sinewy, art-school angst increasingly a thing of the past, Post Electric Blues ironically sees Idlewild continue to evolve into a distinctly positive, melody-orientated rock band. It's bound to incur criticism from those pining for the frantic undulations of their Captain era, but such is the burden of any band trying to evolve their sound away from the artistic constraints of punk and the various fickle entrapments that label entails. Like it or not, Idlewild have always demonstrated an affinity and, indeed, a knack for pop. With age has come self-assurance and the financial resources to properly communicate these ideas, which is no bad thing. Throughout Post Electric Blues there are reminders of the band that penned A Film For The Future. If you feel alienated by this album, ignore the initial awkwardness and bear in mind that this is the same friend, you just have a bit of catching up to do.

Playing Victoria Hall, Selkirk on 1 Nov; Fat Sam's, Dundee on 2 Nov;  Picture House, Edinburgh on 4 Nov; Ironworks, Inverness on 5 Nov; Moshulu, Aberdeen on 6 Nov; BA Club, Fort William on 7 Nov and SECC, Glasgow on 28 Nov.