Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Album Review by Mark Holland | 27 Sep 2010
  • Ice, Sea, Dead People - Teeth Union
Album title: Teeth Union
Artist: Ice, Sea, Dead People
Label: Lost Toys/Dirty
Release date: 27 Sep

Upon being confronted with a record by a band called Ice, Sea, Dead People and an accompanying press release consisting of a short story chronicling an incident in which the narrator pisses himself amidst a phone call to his girlfriend, it is deceptively predictable that the apparent humour and charm may simply be a means of compensating for musical mediocrity (otherwise known as “The We Are Scientists Strategy”).

However, Teeth Union’s nine feedback-laden bony punk compositions played too hard and too loud with practically unintelligible lyrics are seriously pleasing things; think White Light/White Heat if it had been recorded in the 21st century by irritated art-schoolers with a budget. It’s not often that a band’s energy is captured so effectively and transmitted so mercifully uncontaminated, we just have to hope that Ice, Sea Dead People don’t consider this a mere demo. [Mark Holland]